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For hormonal and PMS support - 60 vegan capsules.

Gals, we’ve all got them.

Hormones.  They drive us up the wall, left, right and centre. 

Hormones are our “chemical messengers”.  They tell our organs what to do and when to do it.

Due to the modern world riddled with high stress, poor diet - the works - we have started to experience some imbalances.

Some symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance:

  • difficulty sleeping

  • bloating

  • reduced sex drive

  • changes in appetite

  • breast tenderness

  • puffy face

If you are experiencing any of the above, we advise seeking help from a healthcare professional.

Fem & Fab is here to help you hunnies.

This bundle of love was designed to help seek balance with our hormones, support us during our “time of month” and also relieve those PMS symptoms that leave us crying on our bathroom floor.

This one is for the women. The mighty women. May this give you the strength and support you deserve, to go kick some serious A$$ out there.

This is literally a little tub of magic, and the magic is in the results. We are so excited for you to join this sunshine state of mind, and take on the world with a healthy belly and a happy heart. 



1.     Chaste-berry

  • Also known as monks pepper, comes from the Mediterranean and Western Asia, and the medicinal parts are its dried fruit and leaves.

  • Assists with lessening PMS symptoms

  • Assists with female fertility

  • Assists with the menstrual cycle, helping to make our periods more regular

2.    Lemon balm

  • A lemon-scented herb that actually comes from the mint family, it has traditionally been used to improve mood and cognitive function, and so much more.

  • Helps to relieve stress and anxiety

  • Assists in easing sleeping disorders

  • Eases menstrual cramps and overall PMS. 

3.    Saint John’s Wort

  • A flowering plant in the Hypericaceae family, that is most used for depression and mood disorders.

  • Assists with lessening depression and anxiety

  • Eases the mood-related PMS symptoms

  • Assists with sleep 

4.    Gingko

  • A species of tree native to China, and has been around for +- 290 million years. And because of all its powerful antioxidants, it has amazing medicinal uses.

  • Helps to fight inflammation

  • Relieves PMS symptoms

  • Improves brain function and overall wellbeing

5.    B6

  •  A water-soluble vitamin that our bodies can’t produce on their own. It is very important to protein, fat, and carbs metabolism and to the making of red blood cells.

  • Food source: pork, poultry, soya, bananas.

  • Assists with mood swings, anxiety, and irritability

  • Necessary for the liver to metabolize and break down estrogen.

  • Assists with our energy levels and fighting fatigue.


  • Take 1 tablet once a day with meals if you experience stress and anxiety regularly or as directed by a healthcare professional.

  • We advise that you consult your medical professional before adding the Fem & Fab formula to your routine to assess whether it will be suitable for your individual needs. There may be potential interactions with medications.



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